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Momentum investing involves finding stocks that are the strongest, and the most likely to trade higher. In a bear market, that means buying the ones that dropped the least. When they start to lose momentum, you get out of the position. Where value investors buy low and sell high, momentum investors buy high and sell higher.

The IP Momentum Equity Fund follows a quantitative momentum strategy, investing in the top 180 most liquid shares of the JSE, measured in terms of average weekly trading volumes. The strategy is designed to provide the maximum returns obtainable from a pure equities investment at the lowest risk possible. A minimum exposure of 80% to South African equities will be maintained at all times, and a maximum of around 95%. 

Fee structure

  • Management Fee: 1.5%
  •  Performance Fee: 20% above the benchmark
  • Fee Differentiator: Performance and management fees accrued therefore remain at risk to future performance


This fund is suitable for investors who are looking for out-performance relative to the FTSE/JSE Top 40 Total Return Index and want long-term capital growth. The fund offers strategy diversification from traditional investment styles. It is most suitable for investors who are:

  • Seeking above market returns at less than 70% of the market risk;
  • striving to grow their financial assets at a steady pace over the long term;
  • seeking style diversification; 
  • have an investment horizon of three years or longer; and
  • are comfortable with pure equity investments.

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