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The Sir John Ross Strategy follows a quantitative style, investing in the top 180 most liquid shares of the JSE. The strategy combines our momentum approach with a long/short style aimed at a net exposure of between 80%-100%. A short exposure of 40% will be adjusted for adverse market conditions. This strategy was developed to outperform the FTSE/JSE Top 40 with significantly less volatility by minimising the effects of drawdowns.

The short strategy includes antimomentum shares together with additional proprietary statistical indicators.

  • Management Fee: 1.2%
  • Performance Fee: 20% above the benchmark
  • Fee Differentiator: Performance fees accrued therefore remain at risk to future performance


This fund is suitable to:

  • This strategy is suitable to sophisticated investors seeking maximum returns at significantly less risk than the market;
  • Investors who have an investment horizon of at least two years; and
  • especially suited to institutional investors that seek exposure to a unique long-short equity momentum investment style.

Investments and dividends

With our Sir Edmund Hillary strategy, you can choose to receive a monthly income from the cash and dividend component of your investment. You can also choose to re-invest this income into your portfolio, compounding the growth of your capital.

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Portfolio reviews

Every two to three months we review our portfolios, and while maintaining a balance across sectors, we respond in the following ways to the analysis:

  • Position changes are made
  • Lowest ranking shares are sold and top-ranking shares are bought (If applicable)
  • Overweight positions are reduced
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Our individualised approach challenges the market.

Our bespoke investment solution provides you with:

  • Tax-free income while capital grows over the long term
  • Above-market returns
  • Performance aligned incentives
  • Leveraged market access
  • Effective risk management
  • Performance fee is never re-set as it follows a quantitative smoothing formula
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We don't believe in a one size fits all approach.

In delivering extraordinary investment returns, our strategy gives you:

  • An investment solution that adapts to your risk and return requirements
  • A review of your portfolio every two to three months
  • Access to a proprietary set of investment algorithms and analysis to guide your strategy
  • A model portfolio allocation to uniquely match your stock preferences
  • Effective management of and access to the cash component of your portfolio
  • The ability to adjust your level of gearing in response to the market
  • Tailored gearing to meet your risk appetite
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