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The Sir Edmund Hillary strategy follows a quantitative style investing in the top 140 most liquid shares of the JSE. The strategy consists of a combination of our momentum investment approach and value shares (based on growth, earnings and dividends) which have shown resistance to downside volatility and therefore provide stability to the portfolio. During normal market conditions the portfolio will have a long exposure of 220% and a short exposure of 40% which will be adjusted for adverse market conditions.

Fee structure

  • Management Fee: 1.2%
  • Performance Fee: 20% above the benchmark
  • Fee Differentiator: Performance fees accrued therefore remain at risk to future performance


This fund is suitable to:

  • Investors seeking maximum equity returns whilst taking substantially more risk than the market;and
  • Investors who have an investment horizon of at least five years.
This strategy is limited to a maximum of 10% to 15% of total investable assets.

Investments and dividends

With our Sir Edmund Hillary strategy, you can choose to receive a monthly income from the cash and dividend component of your investment. You can also choose to re-invest this income into your portfolio, compounding the growth of your capital.

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Portfolio reviews

Every two to three months we review our portfolios, and while maintaining a balance across sectors, we respond in the following ways to the analysis:

  • Position changes are made
  • Lowest ranking shares are sold and top-ranking shares are bought (If applicable)
  • Overweight positions are reduced
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Our individualised approach challenges the market.

Our bespoke investment solution provides you with:

  • Tax-free income while capital grows over the long term
  • Above-market returns
  • Performance aligned incentives
  • Leveraged market access
  • Effective risk management
  • Performance fee is never re-set as it follows a quantitative smoothing formula
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We don't believe in a one size fits all approach.

In delivering extraordinary investment returns, our strategy gives you:

  • An investment solution that adapts to your risk and return requirements
  • A review of your portfolio every two to three months
  • Access to a proprietary set of investment algorithms and analysis to guide your strategy
  • A model portfolio allocation to uniquely match your stock preferences
  • Effective management of and access to the cash component of your portfolio
  • The ability to adjust your level of gearing in response to the market
  • Tailored gearing to meet your risk appetite
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