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If you want a strong finish, you need the right start

Creating wealth is a journey. There are many places you can begin. But there is no place better from which to set out, than the very beginning of your career.

There is every reason to make the right investment decision now, to set you free in the future.

It’s an adventure, but it’s a secure one, because as pioneers in the technological approach to investing we have set out with the right tools, the right strategies and the right approach to achieve our goals.

Like most people you’ll be thinking that what you save by contributing to a pension fund will be sufficient for your retirement. There are good reasons that that may not be the case. But if you intervene now, with Emperor’s unique pioneering fact-based scientific investment tools, you can create real wealth for yourself.

All it takes is investment discipline. Combine this with our quantitative techniques and strategic approach, and not only will you never have to worry about your retirement, but you will achieve a financial result that will provide you with the kind of financial freedom that many can only dream about.

This is where you can find out how.

Every journey starts with the first step.

Testimonial: Creating real long term wealth

“I’m 27 now. And when I think of what I’ll have way down the line when I’m free not to have to work anymore, I almost can’t wait.

Most people my age aren’t thinking about stuff like that – retirement seems a million miles away, and I can tell you, that if you stick to the standard ways of trying to prepare for it, it’s going to have to be. I’ve already got a pretty cool amount of cash set aside, and one thing I do know – I’m going to be free to make whatever choices I want to long before most of the people I know, if they can do it at all. How did I do it?

Well, I didn’t actually – in the beginning that is. My parents were actually the ones who got the ball rolling for me. I was a student – only 20. I had a little scooter to get to and from varsity, and that’s about it. Then my folks gave me R10, 000 – well, they didn’t give it to me exactly, they put it in Emperor Asset Management’s fund, and told me to never to touch it. I wanted to understand what they were doing, and took a look at some of the figures. It was amazing. I could see straight away, that if I just kept my discipline, and never touched the capital, I would be in for a bonanza eventually. That’s because the returns on that small investment, were consistently enough above inflation and the general market performance to turn that R10, 000 into real wealth.

Fast forward. As I said, I’m 27 now, and along the way, I’ve been adding whatever I can to that first R10, 000. I sold my scooter, for example, and put the cash there. I added the dividends I’ve been receiving to the investment. I’m not a student anymore, although I still don’t have huge monthly obligations. Anyway, to cut not such a long story short, that R10,000 has already turned into well over R120,000, and I can clearly see that with exponential returns like that, by the time I’m 50, not only be financially free, but seriously wealthy.

I’m lucky. I was put on this path when I was still young. I’ve still got a career, I’ve still got a job that I enjoy, and I’m sure that I’ll have a family too one of these days. The thing is, when I look around at the people I know or who I work with and who are my age, I know that my life is going to be completely different from theirs. I know that if I want to, I’ll be able to retire at an age when I’ll still be able to do whatever I want. And I know that I’ll never have to worry. That’s what the right investment at the right time has done for me.”


“I’m 27 now. And when I think of what I’ll have way down the line when I’m free not to have to work anymore, I almost can’t wait."
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