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Q What is the minimum investment? Is there a maximum investment?

A The minimum investment in the  Robert Falcon Scott strategy is set at R10, 000 with no maximum threshold applicable. We would ordinarily say that a first initial investment of R20, 000 is ideal in order to replicate the full strategy.

Q What is the minimum adhoc contribution?

A There are no minimums. Clients can setup direct debits however they should wish to invest regularly.

Q How long has the strategy been around for?

A The strategy was started in 2004 by Tom De Lange and later acquired by in 2010. Tom De Lange remains incredibly close to the strategy and continues in his capacity as Chief Investment Officer of Emperor Asset Management.

Q What is the minimum investment term?

A There is no minimum investment term but due to the phasing in approach taken by the portfolio manager, it is recommended to leave the funds in for one full year as a minimum.

Q Can I change my Gearing?

A Yes you can.

Q How can I change my Gearing?

A Complete and sign a gearing amendment form and e-mail it to for your request to be reviewed and processed.

Q How do performance fees work?

A If your returns do not exceed our benchmark of the FTSE/JSE Top 40, no performance fees are payable to Emperor Asset Management. Performance fees are accrued every month and can be positive (if outperformance occurred), or negative (underperformance).

Q When are they deducted?

A Performance fees are accrued and deducted every month where outperformance has occurred. Keep in mind that only 20% of this 20% outperformance is deducted by Emperor with the remaining 80% being held in account for periods of underperformance against our benchmark.

Q When can I expect my statement?

A Clients can expect their monthly statements by the 10th of each month.

Q Why do I receive a "change of details" e-mail from if I am an Emperor client?

A Emperor Asset Management executes their market trades through When you become an Emperor client a account is opened in your name at the same time. The client services team will notify you of any changes to your personal details which will be mirrored across both your Emperor and accounts.

Q Will you send me Tax statements and what is the tax status of my investment?

A Clients will receive an IT3 (b) and IT3(c) certificate annually from Emperor Asset Management. Emperor Asset Management is unable to provide any tax advice to clients and all clients should seek independent tax advice relating to their personal tax statuses.

Q When will you send me my tax documentation?

A All aforementioned tax documentation will be sent to clients by 31 May.

Q What is the deposit process?

A Once you open your account and receive your welcome e-mail with your User ID you will be ready to make your deposit. We hold bank accounts with all of South Africa's banks which ensures the quickest possible allocation of your funds. Please ensure that you reference your user ID, initial and surname when making deposits and then please send your proof of payment to

Q How do I make a withdrawal?

A Please send a withdrawal request to by 09h00 ensuring that you include your full name, user id, amount being withdrawn and confirmation of your banking details.

Q How quickly can I get my money? Is there a lock-in period?

A Clients can request a withdrawal of funds at any time. There is no lock in period and 95% of funds will be paid out on a T+1 basis. The remaining 5% will be paid out at month end less any fees owned to Emperor Asset Management.

Q Dividend payment process

A All manufactured dividends are re-invested. Withdrawals are dealt with separately.

Q What are overnight funding costs and how are they calculated?

A SAFEY rate plus a spread.

Q Do I pay penalties for accessing my money?

A No. Your funds are segregated in an individual account linked to your name and are available at any time with no penalties for withdrawing your money other than the administration charges and performance fees owed to Emperor Asset Management.

Q Can I make monthly withdrawals?

A Yes you can, depending on the frequency and size underlying CFD's may need to be sold.

Q Are you licensed?

A Yes. Emperor Asset Management is a division of First World Trader, an authorised Financial Services Provider operating under license FSP 44978.

Q Is brokerage charged separately for trading? What are the brokerage costs per trade?

A Yes - 0.5% flat fee on the value purchased and disposed.

Q Because you are a derivative strategy do you go short and when?

A The strategy does indeed allow the portfolio manager to take short positions should the market indicate that this should take place. When will depend on the strategy indicators but this has only ever happened once. Therefore 99.9% of its history it has had a long bias.

Q Will the strategy ever get to a level where it will reach a ceiling in monetary value for investors?

A Yes at around R1bn AUM.

Q Tom developed this strategy, what happens if Tom is not around?

A Tom developed this strategy but The Robert Falcon Scott strategy is based on a long-short derivatives quantitative strategy focusing on 140 of the most liquid JSE shares utilizing CFD's with a maximum 2 times leverage. As it is quantitative in nature there is very little discretionary investing taking place, therefore the strategy dictates investment and not Tom. That said, where discretion is applied this is done in conjunction with the investment committee and portfolio managers which sit behind the organisation of which Tom is the Chief Investment Officer.

Q Can I open an account in my children's name, if so how?

A Yes you can. This will be linked to the parent account holder but opened in the child's name. Each child will required a completed contact information sheet, confirmation of co-habitation form completed and sent in with a copy of their ID.

Q Can I have an account in my partner's and my name, if so how?

A Yes you can in line with standard account opening process.

Q If my partner and I are not married but would like to open a single account in both our names how this would be done. In a situation of "separation" how might this impact the linked investment?

A Yes you can via a limited power of attorney please seek legal and tax professional advice.

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